How to improve the quality of life of people who have been diagnosed with a rare disease

People who have been diagnosed with rare diseases require adequate association and care to gain improvements in their quality of life. We can improve the quality of life of those patients by setting higher ethical standards within society and working for the best. Besides, we can develop medical science through the continuous discovery of effective medicines and vaccines that will cure the rare diseases people are suffering from. We can also set up a political framework to support the discovery of the medicines and vaccines for the diseases as well as make a sustainable development plan to ensure continuous development of the medical science is discovering new and updated treatments for the patients with rare diseases. We can work for making people aware of the rare diseases and normalise their conditions in society as well as break the barriers that are hindering them to lead a normal life within society. This is our duty to ensure that all patients will rare diseases are getting an equal chance of being treated. All kinds of necessary medicines and vaccines are available to them too. We must build a community within the country as well as worldwide to support these patients who have been suffering from rare diseases to ease their life and improve their quality of life. There can be both financial and psychological support for them. Patients with rare diseases from the underdeveloped and the developing countries as well as from the minor community according to race, religion, gender, skin colour and so on also need to be brought under the support of the community to ensure equality. Moreover, we can ensure both government and non-government intervention in the development of the healthcare sector worldwide to improve the quality of life of patients with rare diseases.