The Girl with Anxiety

Neera, a 25 years old girl, is struggling with anxiety. She does not know what to do about it. Whenever something goes wrong, she gets so anxious. She is scared of everyone and everything. She lives away from her family and this hurts her even more. She cannot think straight or take any decision without asking her family members.

Today some of her friends asked her to go to a party with them. Due to her social anxiety, she refused to go with them. But now this prompt decision of her is killing her inside. She is thinking that she shouldn’t have turned them down. If she were gone with them she could enjoy a little at least. But at that moment, she couldn’t decide what would be best for her. So she had to miss the opportunity.

Once her friends are gone, she called one of her closest family members to tell him about the incident which is killing her. He showed support for her but said that she should have gone with them to increase her socializing skills. Now she is even more anxious. She cannot stop overthinking her action. She wants to go now. But It’s too late already.

What should she do now? She is suffering. So to console herself, she has established a few explanations supporting her act. According to the explanations, she missed the opportunity because she is spending a lot of money lately and cannot allow herself to spend more unless it is necessary. Besides, she did not want it and thought it would have been a waste.

Forming these explanations has been helpful for her to calm her mind but not enough. What else can be done to do to calm herself completely? Yeah, she can go for the music therapy that she has learned about very recently. Music therapy is one of the most effective therapies to calm people’s minds by listening to music. It helps them in getting rid of their depression, anxiety, stress, and so on.

She is now feeling a lot better after listening to her favorite songs for a while. Not just music therapy, everything we learn in our life can be a great help for us whenever we are badly in need of help that we cannot get from anywhere else but from ourselves.

Searching for a substitute for chia seeds? Look what I have got for you!


There’s no denying that the chia seed is a superfood. Some people even use it as an everyday daily supplement in pasta, cereal, and shakes. However, just because this super seed is helpful doesn’t mean you must use it even when it needs available to you. You can go for a substitute for chia seeds for your everyday recipes. Substituting chia seeds for a regular ingredient is a great way to make your recipes that much more healthy. However, substituting chia seeds for a regular ingredient isn’t the same as using them in place of it.

What are chia seeds?

Chia seeds are seeds that can be used in a variety of recipes, found in most households around the world. They are food for all life forms, including pets and livestock. They’re high in vitamins and minerals, making them a great addition to your home willow tree or large garden.

What can you substitute for chia seeds?

Chia seeds can be substituted with some other common seeds and grains we can have in our everyday life that are similarly beneficial for health. According to the requirements of the recipes, we can use these different seeds and grains to prepare everyday meals. There are many to substitute with but I am going to discuss the most interesting ones.

Flax Seeds
Flax seeds are a naturally rich source of fibre, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium and calcium. They’re a staple of diets in many countries, on many continents. Still, little is known about flax seeds. Flax seeds are used in many different ways. They can be ground or ground into flour and processed into foods like bread, breakfast cereal, salad dressings, dietary supplements, and whole-grain flours.

Quinoa is a grain that’s native to South America, and it is often used to make foods like quinoa salads and dishes. It is also known as a pseudo-cereal because it uses the same seeds as most cereal grains but has the texture of an egg. Quinoa has strong nutritional value. It is also gluten-free. The main nutrient in quinoa is proteins and carbohydrates. It has a low glycemic index, which means it’s low in sugar and easy to digest.

Sunflower Seeds
In America, sunflower seeds are a popular snack. They are used in many different products and dishes, and people usually don’t even realise that they’re edible. The myth surrounding the seed has been around for centuries. They have been said to be poisonous, that they caused skin problems, and that they could kill you. The sunflower seeds we eat today, in Europe, the seeds were considered a delicacy.

Pumpkin Seeds
I love pumpkin seeds. They’re tasty and versatile and are a more affordable substitute for chia seeds. They’re also an amazing way to make your body feel good. Although they’re made of seeds, they don’t mean they’re meant to be consumed in large quantities. All you need is a pumpkin seed and a little patience. You can buy these seeds in most supermarkets, and not too many grocers sell them by the pound.

Wheat Germ
Wheat germ is not just wheat or anything else. It’s a bio-chemical that lives in the grains called starches but the thing is, it’s more than just starches. It’s a very interesting substance that has many uses in the culinary world. It is very beneficial in many different ways and has many different uses in the kitchen or even in other areas. It has a very strong flavour and taste.

What would make an ideal substitute for chia seeds?

Flax seeds can be a great substitute for chia seeds. They both have not only almost similar nutrients but also similar use. We can use both of them in different dishes. Therefore, we can use it wherever we would like to use chia seeds despite their difference in size and taste.


Oat bran, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, coconut flakes, psyllium husks and so on are some other substitutes for chia seeds that are also similar to them according to nutrients and can be used in various dishes just like chia seeds. However, despite chia seeds being considered a superfood they can often be replaced with some other seeds and grains as mentioned above to make meals much healthier and tastier.

How to improve the quality of life of people who have been diagnosed with a rare disease

People who have been diagnosed with rare diseases require adequate association and care to gain improvements in their quality of life. We can improve the quality of life of those patients by setting higher ethical standards within society and working for the best. Besides, we can develop medical science through the continuous discovery of effective medicines and vaccines that will cure the rare diseases people are suffering from. We can also set up a political framework to support the discovery of the medicines and vaccines for the diseases as well as make a sustainable development plan to ensure continuous development of the medical science is discovering new and updated treatments for the patients with rare diseases. We can work for making people aware of the rare diseases and normalise their conditions in society as well as break the barriers that are hindering them to lead a normal life within society. This is our duty to ensure that all patients will rare diseases are getting an equal chance of being treated. All kinds of necessary medicines and vaccines are available to them too. We must build a community within the country as well as worldwide to support these patients who have been suffering from rare diseases to ease their life and improve their quality of life. There can be both financial and psychological support for them. Patients with rare diseases from the underdeveloped and the developing countries as well as from the minor community according to race, religion, gender, skin colour and so on also need to be brought under the support of the community to ensure equality. Moreover, we can ensure both government and non-government intervention in the development of the healthcare sector worldwide to improve the quality of life of patients with rare diseases.

The Time Is Running Out! Think about Environmental and Climate Issues in the Asia-Pacific Right Now!

Environmental and climate issues are hurting the whole world, especially the countries of the Asia-pacific where there are many underdeveloped and developing countries with low lands, natural calamities, poverty, diseases and so on. No doubt, if we do not take any necessary steps right now, it will lead to a disaster in no time.

The angle of my article would be to explore how the negative climate change in the region is making people’s lives miserable by increasing heat, pollution, natural calamities etc. Physical, psychological and sexual hostility toward women, ethnic minorities, disabled people and so on are increasing. The environment is getting contaminated and unworthy to live day by day. Various diseases are spreading all over the region among humans and animals as well as creating infection loops between them. Large icebergs located in the region are melting due to extreme heat and low lands are being flooded. Besides, the other natural calamities such as cyclones, tornados, earthquakes etc. are occurring frequently which are hampering the normal lives of people and causing poverty, hunger, pollution, diseases and so on. Bio-diversity is also affected in a bad way as a consequence.

It is high time to reduce the severity of the negative impacts of climate change in Asia-pacific by setting sustainable development goals nationally and also internationally. Both national and international communities have to work together to make people and organizations aware of their activities through seminars and field works for ensuring less methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other harmful gas emissions. Carbon trading among countries can also be a great option to save the region.

Why should I be the one to write about the issue?

As an aware citizen of the Asia-pacific, I must make the world know about the current condition of our region and seek for their cooperation to fight environmental issues and climate change. Besides, my writing can make the local readers of the region aware too. Moreover, I tried to provide some solutions to this alarming condition.

Loving Relationship Lets People Live to the Fullest

Love is one of the most commonly used words in the world to express someone’s affection for the other. This is not just a word to say but a feeling that makes you feel important to someone and close to the one’s heart. While building a relationship between two people, love is the most important thing to exist. Without love, the base of a relationship can never be strong. It remains quite fragile and even breaks easily whenever there is a wild wind on it.

As a person, I feel that we should never underestimate love for living a long, happy life. From my perspective, love is a verb which was also told by Stephen R. Covey in his book named “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” It is not just about telling my feeling to someone but making them feel loved through my activities and there should be a consistency too! And this way I can earn their love too. Besides, I think love is the greatest weapon to win not only someone’s heart but also overcome any difficult situation that cannot be overcome alone. Love is also the best medicine on earth to remain happy till the end of one’s life.

A loving relationship stands for a relationship that is built on love and respect for each other and this relationship can be built either before or after marriage. There can also be marital relationships between two people who do not love each other but we cannot call it a loving relationship. Having love between them is the prime condition here. Loving relationships benefit both the people in a relationship. It has both scientific and social explanations about it.

According to medical science, people who are in love get to live longer than others who are not in love and suffer from stress, loneliness, depression and anxiety. Besides, love helps in the development of the physical health of the people. From research, scientists have learnt that people with loving relationships with their partners heal quickly from any kind of wound. As love allows people to have a healthy life so loving people do not get sick quite often, they grow a strong immunity system in them. Any kind of heart disease can be deadly for people and luckily people in love have a lower chance of suffering from heart disease as love keeps their hearts healthy. With the touch of the beloved person, bodily pain can be reduced and it has been proven by scientists. They feel less pain than the other people who are not in love. Sometimes, loving relationships also help in remaining physically fit. Loving people can easily achieve their weight loss or weight gain plans. Love also helps in keeping a lower blood pressure of the people who are in a loving relationship.

Loving relationship not only helps in the improvement of physical health but also in mental health. People in a loving relationship can get rid of stress from work pressure and any other difficulties faster than others as spending time with the beloved person and talking to them reduces stress and releases dopamine which is a hormone that boosts people’s energy to do everything, makes them cheerful and motivates to achieve goals of their lives and so on. Any kind of physical contact with the beloved person can make the people in love happy, delightful and motivated.

From the societal perspective, when there is love between people, peace and harmony are maintained within the society. The hatred between people not only affects the people in a relationship but also the people who are close to them. We could understand it very well from the events of the divorce and defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The bitterness of their relationship even affected the lives of their co-workers, friends and relatives. If they had a loving relationship, the ending could be far better than we can think. Besides, people can provide emotional support to each other for overcoming challenges in their lives. A loving relationship with partners also helps in gaining wealth and becoming rich according to Napoleon Hill in his book named “Think and Grow Rich.” Moreover, love creates a healthy relationship between people and improves communication between them which let them share everything even their joys and sorrows.

Above all, loving relationships allow us to be happy and enjoy our lives together to the fullest which makes our lives better than ever. We get to achieve everything we want holding hands together. We should love each other and build loving relationships to become successful in our lives in a true sense and get a long, healthy life.