The Girl with Anxiety

Neera, a 25 years old girl, is struggling with anxiety. She does not know what to do about it. Whenever something goes wrong, she gets so anxious. She is scared of everyone and everything. She lives away from her family and this hurts her even more. She cannot think straight or take any decision without asking her family members.

Today some of her friends asked her to go to a party with them. Due to her social anxiety, she refused to go with them. But now this prompt decision of her is killing her inside. She is thinking that she shouldn’t have turned them down. If she were gone with them she could enjoy a little at least. But at that moment, she couldn’t decide what would be best for her. So she had to miss the opportunity.

Once her friends are gone, she called one of her closest family members to tell him about the incident which is killing her. He showed support for her but said that she should have gone with them to increase her socializing skills. Now she is even more anxious. She cannot stop overthinking her action. She wants to go now. But It’s too late already.

What should she do now? She is suffering. So to console herself, she has established a few explanations supporting her act. According to the explanations, she missed the opportunity because she is spending a lot of money lately and cannot allow herself to spend more unless it is necessary. Besides, she did not want it and thought it would have been a waste.

Forming these explanations has been helpful for her to calm her mind but not enough. What else can be done to do to calm herself completely? Yeah, she can go for the music therapy that she has learned about very recently. Music therapy is one of the most effective therapies to calm people’s minds by listening to music. It helps them in getting rid of their depression, anxiety, stress, and so on.

She is now feeling a lot better after listening to her favorite songs for a while. Not just music therapy, everything we learn in our life can be a great help for us whenever we are badly in need of help that we cannot get from anywhere else but from ourselves.

What to Expect When Studying Abroad?


Studying abroad is a long-cherished dream of almost everyone. Among the students and only a few of them get the opportunity. International students abroad expect to develop several knowledge and skills in them. These earn personal and professional development from gaining these skills and knowledge. And they become worthy of their dreamt career paths. You as international students can also have these expectations.

What are the expectations and how are they fulfilled when studying abroad?

International students abroad expect for gaining knowledge and skills in their regular lives. They gain them while studying and working there. They gain them from their classmates from different countries at educational institutes. They often work part-time jobs and deal with a lot of people of different characteristics. They may be their colleagues, clients, supervisors and so on. This is what makes them gain that knowledge and skills more easily. You as international students can expect some of the skills and knowledge. I am going to discuss the skills below,

Good Communication Skills
Good communication skills are the most expected skills for international students abroad. As international students, you may have to deal with a lot of new people from the country. They may be from different cultures, races, religions and so on. Dealing with them will grow good communication skills in you. Good communication skills include both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. These skills will help you in learning about new cultures and languages. they will also help in gaining success in both their personal and professional lives. This may lead you to your chosen career paths. They can fulfil the expectation through teamwork, study and discuss any issue.

Cultural Awareness
When you are staying abroad as an international student you will expect to learn the culture. You have to act according to them in your regular lives there. You can learn about the culture from books, articles, newspapers and so on. Besides, you can learn from talking to the native people. They may be your classmates or co-workers from your part-time jobs. International students abroad get the advantage to learn about different cultures. They get the opportunity to mix with people from different nations. They also learn to respect all the cultures to deal with the people of different cultures.

International students abroad also expect to earn self-awareness. You as international students can learn self-awareness when studying in abroad. Because you are in a new environment there need to be self-aware. So, you may have to encounter different kinds of challenges. In that unfamiliar environment, you do not know what is waiting for you. In the next step and you must step with consciousness not to fall into any trap or difficulty. This thought of you will make you self-aware. This expectation of learning a new skill like self-awareness is going to help you in the long run. Besides, both in your personal and professional lives make appropriate decisions for you too.

Problem-solving Skills
Gaining problem-solving skills is another expected skill of international students abroad. From the previous expectation, you know that there may be difficulties in every step of your life. Especially when you are studying in a new country and its culture is unfamiliar to you. You do not know anyone or anything in there but still, you must make ways for yourself to get rid of any kind of problems. You can face problems in your educational institution, workplace and somewhere else. You can expect to learn how to solve problems utilizing your problem-solving skills.

As international students, the important thing you can expect is to gain courage. This helps you face any kind of situation whether the situation is good or bad for you. In every step, international students abroad need to be courageous to move forward. The more people you will deal with, the more courage you will gain. Courage will make you achieve your personal and professional goals. Besides, it will help you in facing all kinds of difficulties too.

Adaptability and Flexibility
Another expectation of international students abroad is achieving adaptability. As international students, you will expect to cope with the new environment. This increases your adaptability. Most of the time international students face difficulties abroad. There is a huge change in lifestyle in the other countries. Besides, flexibility is the other skill to achieve when you can accept the change around you.

There are also many other knowledge and skills. International students abroad expect them as well. So as international students, you can have the other expectations too. They will also help in your personal and professional development.


Above all, international students abroad expect to learn new skills and knowledge. These skills and knowledge include good communication skills, cultural awareness and self-awareness. Problem-solving skills, courage, adaptability and flexibility and so on are the other. You can learn these expected skills from your everyday lives there. The expectations will help you in your personal and professional development.