Artificial Intelligence for Producing Amazing Artworks

Is this even possible to draw a picture using artificial intelligence? Yes, this is possible in today’s world using an artificial intelligence tool named DALL-E 2. This tool allows drawing a picture with the help of AI just by inputting a few words.

The angle of my article would be to explore how this AI tool works in drawing pictures. This tool is a neural network algorithm and it uses the sentences or phrases given as input to draw a picture as an output. This tool has no shortcomings and it has already outsmarted the other image generation technologies that exist in the market. This tool can give anyone the taste of drawing pictures just by describing the detail they want to see in the picture. The pictures that are drawn by the AI tool also look real and of good quality.

Why should I be the one to write the article?

I am an enthusiast about making drawings and this AI tool can help people like me who need paintings to be done within a short period and using lower effort. Besides, I want to make the world know about this amazing discovery of science.

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Climate Change

The world is facing climate change as one of the greatest challenges at the current time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are aligning with the issue. They have several impacts on greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

The angle of my article would be to explore what are the impacts artificial intelligence and machine learning have on climate change. Their impacts are categorized into three major impacts and they are direct impacts, immediate impacts of applying machine learning and system-level impacts. The direct impacts include the emissions of carbon from the end-user devices’ operations, servers and data centres for developing AI. Immediate impacts include the emissions of greenhouse gas from the use of AI applications in the economy and daily lives of people. System-level impacts of AI include structural change through, for example, an increase in demand and supply for specific products and a change of lifestyle. These impacts have both positive and negative outcomes in changing climates.

Why should I be the one writing this article?

I am concerned about the climate change issues faced by the world. I want an end to it by any means and to make the world know about the impacts of artificial intelligence and machine learning in changing the world’s climate and become aware of it.